The latest reports reveal that the overall number of data breaches (1,862) was up by 68% compared to 2021, and that 33% comprised of phishing, smishing, or BEC attacks. Ransomware was next in line on the threat list, accounting for 22% of all cyberattacks and breaches. Statistics such as these discussed in cybersecurity news items might be overwhelming and make you feel vulnerable and unable to prevent them. But even learning the fundamentals of cybersecurity may make a significant impact.

The month of October is marked as the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM). In an effort to increase awareness, the various governments and the cybersecurity sector have collaborated to promote digital security education and provide everyone with the tools they need to protect their personal information from online crimes.

Each member of your team should be aware and play a supportive role in strengthening cybersecurity. Multi-factor authentication, use of strong passwords and a password manager, identify and report phishing, and regular upgradation of software are the major aspects to focus on.

Being a Cyber Security consultant we have linked a very well crafted public tool kit provided by CISA, USA. This toolkit will help you provide your organization with the tools and resources to learn the basics of cybersecurity to your end users. It contains information about the national campaign in October, as well as resources for getting the word out. You are encouraged to use any resource in this toolkit.

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