“Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility,
and it boils down to this: In Cybersecurity,
The more systems we secure, The more secure we all are”

All organizations are just a single data breach away from being the lead story on the news and social media, which can severely damage an organization’s brand reputation. Regular security assessments helps in identifying your most significant vulnerabilities. You can thus focus on targeting opportunities for improvement that offer the highest return on investment.

 Security Practices provides key “inputs” of a security roadmap; where a thorough cyber security assessment via VAPT evaluates your organization’s technology, policies, and awareness.

In order to understand the security needs of an organization, it is important to study in depth the organization’s profile and its vulnerable areas. Red Secure’s VAPT Security Assessment Services delivers the best possible service by using a combination of standardized methodologies along with its own internal processes.

Our security assessment consists of a number of key areas. The primary one is to create a core assessment team followed by other steps such as reviewing the existing security policies, understanding the threat areas and vulnerabilities, estimating the impact, penetration testing and social engineering.

 Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Red Team Assessment Services 

“One single vulnerability is all an attacker needs!”

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